Elapsed times

Hi all,

It's very clear there are many ways to produce the actual elapsed
time. My team uses a Seiko stopwatch with a thermal printer. It is
started along with the starting signal of the first group, so it only
records correct elapsed times for that group. Any group following (or
the first group in case of a General Recall) will have to have its
elapsed time adjusted with a per-fleet offset. I've asked Colin about
that and it may be that his initial inquiry from last friday to "dump
the elapsed method" has to do with this. The current input form does
seem a bit awkward in trying to cater for everyone's needs, so a
rethink is OK. One thing would be important to me: the number of
keys, mouse-clicks, etc. required to enter a result, be it true
elapsed or start-time/finish-time, must be minimized. Any additional
keystroke per result gets multiplied by the number of results - per
race. This add up!


Jeroen Tirion
Regatta Service Europe