Enter place in last race last boat populates all results

Hi All. I have a strange problem just cropped up. I’m trying to enter results for our local Squib fleet and the Sail Num wizard is not picking up the sail numbers. To get around this I’m clicking into each cell and putting in the place of the boat. I have four races and when I click on the last cell in my series (i.e. the cell corresponding to the last race for the last boat - SailNo 523) and enter a place then when I press enter this number gets populated for all other boats in all races. I’ve tried to delete the competitor and create them again but its not solved the problem. I then sorted the boat in SailNo order so that SailNo 523 was not the last boat - she’s about half way down. When I click in the cell for SailNo 523, Race 4 to enter a place it populates this number for all other boats in all races. I then have to clear all results. I’ve tried it about 10 times and consistently get the same result. Does anybody have an idea whats causing the problem?

Hi Dave,

I don’t know what causes the problem you are having, but if you post the Sailwave file (*.blw) I’ll be happy to have a look at why the wizard doesn’t work for you. I’ve found in the past that entering position scores in cells as you describe can cause tie scores to be created. The Sail Num Wizard is the best way to enter results.

Thanks for offering to take a look at it. Attached is the file. To recreate the error try and put in a result for Sail Number 523 in Race 4. If you double click the cell and enter any place it will put that place in for every boat in every race.
Squibs Training Series.blw (38.9 KB)

Hi Dave, Not sure how but all competitors are aliases, I have turned them off in the file so all soould be back to normal.


Squibs Training SeriesA.blw (39.0 KB)

Hi Keith,

Thanks. Initially I had two classes and each boat was in both classes so I used aliasing. We then dropped one class and I forgot to remove the alias in each boat. How would that create the problem though that I had whereby the place I put in for SailNo 523, Race 4 gets populated for all other boats in all races?



Hi Dave
Keith is correct but you also have the one design fleet set as a fleet over-ride with a rating system of TCF
You need to delete the two over-ride fleets


Thanks Jon and Keith. The problem came about because the fleet initially wanted to use Echo for the Squib fleet and I set it up as a timed race. To give them a one design result as well I set them up also as an IRC TCF fleet and gave all boats a handicap of 1.000. I used an alias so that I could enter the time just once per boat. When the results came in there were no times on the results sheet - apparently they changed their mind and forgot to tell me (the person setting up their results file). With hindsight I should have deleted the file I had set up for them and start from scratch which would have avoided the problem. Thanks for your help.