Error 404 after upload

I’ve been trying to upload my results to our sailwave results folder (FPSC), but when I look at the upload I am getting a 404 error . Can you please advise.

Hi Kate,

Welcome to the Sailwave User Group forum. I apologise for delay in responding but I have only just noticed your was post awaiting approval.

I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem viewing results you have published.

I have just had a look at the files in the FPSC folder and the last one was published at 17:55 on Saturday 15th June.

The 404 error usually means that the file name that has been entered in the web browser address box is not the same as the published file you are wanting to view. Please try this link to the folder - Sailwave results folder - for FPSC and see if you can see the results you are looking for in the list and then click on the link similar to the one you were trying and see if they results are those you were looking for.

Kind regards,

Thanks . Transpired it was because I had forgotten the .html file extension in the file name.