Error FTP'ing results to server - works on PC but not on laptop

Hi All. I have an unusual problem. I have a sailwave .blw file saved on Dropbox. I have a PC and a laptop at home, both with the same FTP settings and both on the same WiFi. Both are on the same version of Sailwave. When I publish from the PC I have no problems. When I publish from my laptop I get the error below. Note that on the laptop I’ve manually retyped in the URL to make sure its not corrupt - I get the same error.

File to publish : /public_html/2021/sovs21_echo_3.html

Error : Version: 2.29.0
Installed: Unknown
Date: 23 June 2021
Time: 15:41:14
File upload failed - (The specified file name contains invalid characters or is too long)

Can anybody shed any light as to why it would work on my PC but not on my laptop?

I’ve found a workaround. On the version of Sailwave running on my laptop if I blank out the Base URL in the FTP options I can upload from my laptop. On my PC I can leave the Base URL there and it also works. Its strange as its the same version of Sailwave and the same .blw file. I’m assuming that there is something local on the laptop such as a FTP API that could be causing the different behavior.



Hi Dave that was good timing I was just looking at what to reply to your first post, when your work around came in
From 2.29.0 there are some changes to the FTP which are documented on the Sailwave website
Primarily the BaseURL was not working on the previous versions of Sailwave but does in 2.29.x
if you want it to work identically then put ./ (Dot forward slash) in the BaseURL
If you are using 2.29.x in both PC’s then maybe you have set a different user name for the FTP login on the 2 PC’s
Different Usernames can result in the starting point for the BaseURL being different.

Give me a call if it helps

Hi Jon,

Thanks for the update. I’ve tested the PC using ./ as the Base URL and that works (the format of the message confirming the results have been published is slightly different now). I’ll test the laptop shortly with the same Base URL.