Error loading to PYonline

Hi, I’m trying to upload results to PYonline via Sailwave. When I click Finish in the plugin I get the message " Server 400 error". That said, I do get some limited upload when I look on but only a couple of lines of the first race; two competitors from a race of six entrants. Any reason why I would get partial upload?

Hi Nick - The RYA are currently updating the PYOnline server 2-3 weeks I had an email from the RYA with the following

As you are all aware over the past 2 years since the RYA were forced to bring the PY online website in house we have been plagued with troubles on the platform. A large proportion of the issues we have faced has been down to the age of the software that the current website is written in.

We have therefore taken the decision to update the platform to a more modern setup.

The new platform will be using Drupal 9 which is an open source platform. It is one of the world’s largest CMS platforms which will enable us to plug new modules in and build it to do what you need like Lego. We hope that the new platform will be much easier to support long term and for us will allow us to search the data much easier.

They are still working on it. I did try it just now and did get the Data sent OK message but the data I sent didn’t appear to be on the site.

I will let you know once the RYA have confirmed that it is operational

Thanks Jon,

Odd that one or two lines of a race got uploaded each time. Does that make any sense?