Exclude Races from Scoring

Hi All, Just wondered if there is an equivalent of exclude competitors for races. I quite often want to publish the days results from the series (scored as a mini series) so we can see who had a good day. At the moment I just save as a new BLW and delete all the previous races and rescore . It’s not to arduous but just wondered if I was missing something?

One way to do this is to score each day as a mini series (using a template), save it and publish, then merge that mini series into the overall series.


This is probably not what you are looking for, but take a look at the results here:-
This is a series from 2019, which includes “First past the Post” and NHC handicap via Alias.
Via the publish we select to publish each daily race, but using the options menu on the publish window, select not to publish those that were DNC, This allows competitors to view their daily results only against those that were competing.


Thanks Malcolm, I have done it that way in the past, especially if someone else is doing the Daily results and I don’t want to let them near the series file! Pretty much the same just means any corrections need to applied to both files. Cheers Keith