Excluded competitors being published

Using the same pro-forma that I’ve used for a while with previous versions which has dummy competitors set up and tagged as Excluded, this time with Version 2.29.3 the excluded competitors are getting published and I haven’t had a problem with publishing them before.
I need to exclude them totally from publishing, preferably without having to delete them as they set up the drop-downs for adding more to the series.
I’m publishing to an HTML file on my pc so I’ve removed the excluded to re-publish this time but I can’t find a fix in any options.
Happy to send blw file if necessary.

Hi Pat,

Sorry you are having a problem. with excluded competitors.

Are the competitors showing on the screen in Sailwave? If so try going to View |Hide excluded competitors or click the x icon on the toolbar.

If you still have a problem then post your .BLW file please.

Kind regards,