Excluding results for an alias but not the prime entry

Hi, I have a situation where I wish to have a different score for a boats primary entry to that of its alias. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance

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Please can I have more context and more detail on what you wish to achieve, please?

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Hi - By having the Alias in a different fleet you can then create rules for this fleet which can be a different scoring system

If you could give us more detail of what you are trying to achieve we will be happy to help you with a more detailed reply


Hi Thanks for the response. The situation is that our cruisers are a mix of IRC and SWYTC rated yachts. I have two fleets with different handicap rating (one IRC the other SWYTC) that works just fine. The complexity is that some yachts have both IRC and SWYTC handicaps and the club, for comparison only, wants to show a 3rd fleet that includes the dual rated yachts and pure SWYTC yachts as a combined results based on their SWYTC handicaps. This I set up using aliases and SWYTC handicaps and it works fine. But…(you knew this was coming right? :slight_smile: ).I now have a situation where the 2 fleets sailed different courses. So I want to just remove the results for the combined fleet (Aliased entries) but keep the others. So the question is: How do I remove the times for just the alias entry whilst keeping the prime entry time? Or can’t I?

Hi - You can’t change the times of the results for an Alias as that is the purpose of an Alias.
but you could discard that race for the aliases but not the others which I think is what you wish to achieve
I’ve modified the Alias example that is included with Sailwave examples Try.blw (92.4 KB) to show how it would work
Let me know if this is an acceptable solution for you


I think that will work. I will have to change the discard profile for the alias fleet to make it work. I suppose I was looking to effectively say that for the Alias fleet the race did not happen but did for the others. Thanks for the help.