External Series Summary Scoring

Is there a method to provide external series summary scoring (i.e., custom final results and ranking) with individual races utilizing a custom rating (e.g., using distance as a parameter)?

For example, it is straightforward to have Sailwave compute individual race scoring in accordance with US Sailing High Points Percentage or PHRF or the Chesapeake High Points, but the series summary results requires computing the average of the earned points / total possible points (that may include other items such as Race Officer credits, total number of races in the series, etc.) which Sailwave does not support. Doing this calculation in excel is relatively straight forward, but requires getting the race results into excel (e.g., export to clipboard and paste into excel), computing the series results, and then getting the results from excel into Sailwave to create the final summary report. [Note that computing throw-outs requires additional processing (must consider each possible set of throw-outs) since there is no closed form equation that will yield the best high points.] In addition, the rating system (e.g., PHRF TOD or custom rating system using distance (e.g., Seconds per Mile)) may require the race distance (which may be different for each fleet on a race day), and that does not appear to be a .csv value.

I can create the .csv from Sailwave for the race scores, process the data in excel, and then create a .htm for the series summary results. I would like to integrate (e.g., replace the series summary of Sailwave results file) so there is consistent look and feel (including hyperlinks to the individual race results) of the Sailwave results. Has anyone developed a tool or is there a tool to do that?


Tom Owen