extracted results

FAO Mark Schneider, Jamie Diamond et al

I've extended the "score everybody as one group" such that after scoring you
can choose a sort field. Sailwave then *re*ranks by that sort field giving
you extracted results as required.

Using elapsed.blw from the examples folder again...

This is the series scored normally - everybody as one group:-
Scoring system applied once.

This is the same but with 'extracted' results based on Fleet:-
Scoring system applied once. Notice that the series points have not changed
at all, it's just a sort and rerank operation.

And this is the series scored by Fleet, i.e. each fleet is treated as a
separate set of data and scoring independently:-
Scoring system applied twice.

Available soon. I'll tweak the publishing stuff so that it separates out
extracted results as if they has been scored separately.

When scoring seperately some place changing can happen as we've discovered
in the past, when using extracted results it cannot.



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