Extracting a days overall results for a series

We are a Model Yacht Racing Club who would like to use SailWave as our scoring system to replace our current numerous spreadsheets.
We have a slightly complicated results set up in that we have a days racing comprising of eight races, from which we calculate overall positions (step 1), that days overall positions then feed into a 17 race series to give a series result (step 2 eg spring series, summer series, winter series).
Can SailWave be set up to do this?
I can see that Sailwave could do step 1 or step 2 but can it be set up to combine both or are we asking too much?
Not having used Sailwave before I would welcome any suggestions, you could save me a lot of learning time!
Thanks Tim

Hi Tim welcome to the Sailwave User Group

You can achieve what you asking for.
You can use the merge

To create longer series - so you would probably have a file for each day and then use the merge above to create a file / series of them all together. You can either merge all the races or you can merge the result of the day.

You can also quickly create sub series by duplicating the Sailwave .blw file and renaming it then delete the races you do not require


Hi Tim, You may want to look at Dinghy Sailing Race Control (DSRC)
A free android app, controlling race signals, (option of an external horn) race data that will import into Sailwave. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.g0hyn.DSRC
It supports voice starts for RC racing and will produce a single file of the days results (all 8 races) for import into Sailwave. Any questions just shout. use the DSRC FB Group. Cheers Keith

Thanks Jon for such a speedy response - I will try setting up a test race result and merge and see how it works.

OK - thanks Keith I will have a look. Tim