ezTrap Area variation

I used the Lat Lon of the permanent mark the coast guard maintains and we use as a turning mark before entering. I figured it was a good lat lon to use as the CG maintains it.
But when I did the calc using the noaa link, I’m not sure what I should input in the ezTrap vairation. An it wants a decimal .x

Here is the data that comes out.
model: WMM-2020
Latitude: 34 14.4 N
Longitude: 119 16.7 w
Date 2022-04-25
Declination: 11 54’ E ± 0 21’ changing by 0 5’ W per year

Hi Dave,
Apologies for not responding sooner.

From the information you put in your post, you need to convert the declination value of 11 54’ E to decimal which works out at 11.9. This is the value to enter in “Area Variation” box with E in the box alongside.

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Thanks, it makes sense after I scratched my head for a few.