Feature request: New scoring code Method

At our club we’re scoring officers according to a method
Points for place of (average finishing place for non-DNC races)

So, if you’re and officer instead of racing, you get awarded points as if you were sailing and achieved your average result. This way, it’s neither a big loss nor a big gain to be officer. Currently, I don’t find any way of mimicking this in SailWave, so I would like to propose that as a new feature.

Any thoughts from the community on such a feature? And/or any ideas on how to calculate this, or something similar, using current SailWave functionality? (backup plan is to calculate in another application and use “Carried forward points” or something like that)

A related Method that could be useful would be:
Points for place of (average finishing place for non-discarded races)

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You can do this now :slight_smile: [Edit - I have re-read and you can’t based on finish positions, this is first time I have heard of that.]

I assume that your Sailing Instructions have the method you outlined written in to them. I don’t see that it will produce significantly different results to using scored points.

GO to Scoring system / scoring codes tab and either create a new scoring code or change the existing OOD code to use the appropriate method from those highlighted in this screen capture.

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Thanks for the welcome, albeit I’ve actually been feeling welcomed for closer to a decade, just lurking in the background :wink:

I’m aware of that one, and depending on what scoring system you use it actually produces significantly different results. One of the deal breakers in our series is that the points awarded to high end sailors varies significantly from race to race (due to high point system and varying amount of sailors), so with average of points several sailors could actually end up winning the series depending on who is officer at which race. That’s not really acceptable from a fairness perspective :slight_smile:

In general, in a low point system both point average and position average would work fine for the higher end of the table (but bad for the lower end). But with a high point system it’s the other way around - doesn’t make much difference for lower end of the table, but a huge difference for the higher end. Being officer at the competition with least amount of sailors actually gives you more points than the winner of the race, and that generally settles the series.

Example of a series spanning over summer here (fictive but with typical numbers to ours):

Thank you for your replies.

Perhaps if Jon could code it and enough people thought it a useful additional method, a custom method using the same concept as in ‘Custom high/low point defined by a formula’ where one has access to the following variables:
s - number starters in race
f - number of finishers in race
p - place in the race
q - recorded position
r - number boats that came to start area in race
m - max number of boas that came to start area in any one race
c - number of competitors in series
x - max start size in any one race
y - max start size in the race

with these functions available
abs - absolute value
log 10 - log to base 10
log e - natural log

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Hi Huw,

If Jon was going to be tinkering with the a custom codes, one thing that I would have found Slightly useful in the past would be a code Property that excluded the Custom code from the average scores like it Does with DNC, we did have a second OOD code (OODX) that was scored like DNC but the points were inluded in the Average score claulation for the other OOD code . (The reason for the extra code was to anotate the Extra Duty/s but have a max number of duties counting towards the series) we just score those as DNC now - and add a Note So not a dig deal.