Fleet Scoring

Running a joint Topper & Derbyshire Youth Sailing (DYS) event next weekend
There will be 3 races and probably two starts (depending on the size of
I need to declare separate prize results for Toppers (class racing) & DYS
(General Handicap).

Setting up competitors as Topper or DYS fleets is the obvious solution.
Unfortunately, there will be some Toppers who also qualify for the DYS

I could take the easy way out & declare prizes based upon their position in
an overall, combined General Handicap.
As some of you have probably learnt to your cost, the 1st Topper in the
overall G Handicap may not necessarily be the 1st Topper if scored as a
separate fleet etc etc
Being a glutton for punishment, I would like to 'extract' the results for
each event separately (as per scoring by fleet principle)

Is there a solution in Sailwave without time-consuming data input (delaying
the publication of results)
I have yet to publish the SI's so can amend as necessary
Ralph Tingle - Ogston SC

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