"Fleet split" instead of "Flight split"

Hi all,

when I go to Tools-> Flight assignments I usually split the competitors into yellow/blue/red FLIGHTS
Is there a possibility to split them into FLEETS and have the printouts accordingly ?
Reason for asking is that usually we talk about gold/silver/bronze FLEET but the software is creating FLIGHTS…

Thanks in advance !

Hi Markus - The concept of flights is usually used for an event with qualifiers and finals where the qualifiers are sailed as flights, usually as colours because there is no significance to the flight, and then at the end of qualification they get converted to Gold Silver or bronze based on their performance in the qualifiers.

Gold Silver and Bronze usually indicate their ability with Gold being ranked above Silver and Silver above Bronze.

I don’t really understand why you would want to Create Gold/Silver/Bronze fleets with an assignment tool but you could create flights for 1 race and then use the Tools set competitor field to move the values to the Fleet field e.g.

Is that useful?

Hi Jon,

sorry :wink:

I rephrase my question. It is solely about the naming on the printouts (“flight assignments”). Is there a way to change to to headline “fleet assignments” as that is the term usually used for gold / silver / bronze fleet in a standard qualifying / final series setup.



Hi Jon,

played a bit around and will do some real testing – I think your solution below will do the job. Basically populating the fleet field with the flight field.

Remains the issue of printing out the flight /fleet assignments. Will have a look at the template files and flightwiz…



Hi Markus.

I always use the program SWCList that is included with the Sailwave install


Sample of a fleet list published at a recent event
Sample fleet list produced by SWCList

You can decide exactly which fields you wish to publish using the columns to publish its very flexible
Does that help

Hi Markus,
I am confused. Could you let me have a copy of the SI’s & NoR so I can try and understand.

In my view it is lazy writing of NoR & SI to refer to fleets in both Q-series & F-series because fleet & flight do not mean the same thing. If I have the opportunity of commenting on NoR & SI before they are published I always try to get the terminology changed if they refer to fleet for both Q-series & F-series.

When I am scoring an event with Q-series and an F-series, I always use colours in Q-series and Gold, Silver, Bronze for F-series.

The Q-series is where competitors can be re-assigned on a race by race basis or more typically daily basis to new flights and the competitors are scored as one cohort, with the Flight column showing the flight colour for the next un-sailed race. The Flight column should not ever be manually edited.

F-series is where competitors are scored as a smaller cohorts [Gold, Silver, Bronze Fleets] depending on their performance in the Q-series. The value Gold, Silver or Bronze is stored in the Fleet column and I populate this after the Q-series using “Set Competitor field” from the Tools menu.

But I am sure you understand all this. Just trying to explain for others who may read this and not understand.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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