Flight Scoring Example

Attached is the blw file from the 2009 Naples Sabot Junior Championship Qualifiers. There were five flights; Black, Blue. Red, Yellow, White. One flight was given a bye each race.

Hope fully you will find it of some help.

Mark Townsend


From: "Rainer Arlt" <rainer.arlt@fks-hro.bfinv.de>
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2009 5:19 AM
To: "s_mark_townsend" <s_mark_townsend@hotmail.com>
Subject: Scoring 101

Alamitos Bay YC Regatta
Chairperson: Mark Townsend

I am planning to attend Scoring 101 on October 10th 9am to 11am. Please
reserve me a seat, doughnut, and a handout.

I'm not planning to attend to you and your club in this year :wink: I'm Rainer
a NRO, NJ and NU from Rostock, Germany. My crew is sailing a "Marinekutter
ZK10". (see photos) It is a Boatsclass for Naval cadet.

The last letter with scoring 101 program for sailwave-software from Mark
Townsend was very interesting for me. Please, is it possible to see a
scoring-method for a fleet race: I have 1-3 events in the year with more
than 120 - 140 sailors, Optimist and also Laser, and our club wish to create
"start in groups" (in fleets: red, green, blue and yellow)in
sailwave-program. Have you a example for me? It would not be amiss to read
more documents and details about event organisation, handling and so on. And
also sailor language. [Sorry my english is not perfect:-) ]

Many thanks.

Kind regards



              Rainer Arlt
              Walter-Butzek-Str. 8
              18146 Rostock