Flighted series - viewing/printing individual race results

I'm still looking at setting up Sailwave for the Optimist EOS and
Nationals, and have more questions.

I've got the series set up with flights and two fleets - Juniors and
Seniors - this is working fine.

However, once results have been entered, how can I print off a results
list for an individual race and fleet, split out by each start? For
example, "Juniors Race 1" - both starts for the Juniors, split by start.

The best I've found so far is to publish a "Series Summary Table",
selecting the race in question, and also including only the Junior

However, this has both starts intermixed - i.e.
Sailor Position
Sailor A 1
Sailor B 1
Sailor F 2
Sailor Z 2

Where Sailor A and Sailor B were in different starts for the race.

I'm running version 1.95, build 11.