Foils dropdown doesn't remember data entered. Others (Rig, Sailmaker etc.) do

Using 2.29.0 - I use the technical tab of competitor info for boat details with some different column names and the “foils” dropdown does not remember previous entries unlike the rig, sailmaker, platform and formula ones. When the drop down arrow is clicked it merely gives a greyed box.

Hi Pat,

You are the first person to notice that - at least the first person to have reported it. I’ve fixed it for you in version 2.29.3
You can download it from
This is a .exe only so you need to have Version 2.29.0 installed first then replace the Sailwave.exe with the one downloaded from the link above



Thanks Jon, Downloaded and it now works.
Because we are interested in the boats, are trying to collect a “Boat Log” and we apply handicap advantage to wooden masts and cotton sails, I record details about the boat in the Technical fields - mast (alloy, wood etc.), sail (Dacron, cotton etc.), hull (clinker, ply, FRP,GRP etc) in platform field, year built (in formula) and general state (in foils). So this is rather useful to us.

I then annually export the blw files to XML and import those into a SQL Server database using SQL Server Integration Services (I do this stuff for a living) to progress the log and attempt results analysis, though I’ve yet to integrate it back into the CVRDA website.



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