FTP filename failure

Interesting FTP problem from last evening. Couldn’t upload the file successfully, but no error message.

This file name works: rvan//WES/WNR PHRF August2021.htm

This doesn’t work: rvan//WES/WNR PHRF August 2021.htm

Note the only difference is the space after ‘August’. On the server the file uploads as ‘rvan//WES/WNR PHRF August2021.htm?’. Note the ‘?’. A Google error search talks about foreign characters, but I don’t think that’s relevant here. Just too many words in the filename, apparently. Server running Linux. Using latest v 2.29.0.

Hi John,
I am sorry to hear you have had an FTP problem.

It is odd but I cannot be any more help, I am sorry.
Kind regards,