FTP uploads for all

Since we’re in the middle of not much going on just now, I had an enhancement idea for your consideration. We upload results to our web site using the built-in FTP service, which we love, and we do have a third party FTP client for other stuff. But wouldn’t it be nice to use SW to put up the NOR and SIs and various amendments? Since the FTP connection is already present and working?

Jus an idea. What do you think?

Hi John - I love having ideas of what people would like to see so thanks for the suggestion.
Although I don’t in this case see how it would work easily with Sailwave. I would think one of the free ftp applications such as Core FTP Lite [http://www.coreftp.com/download.html] (http://www.coreftp.com/download.html) would be easier to use for this. An added complication is a lot of sites no longer support ftp and need to use secure ftp with encryption which is another complication.
Although if anyone thinks this is something that is needed let me know. Jon

Well, thanks for thinking about it. My idea was that it would be one less piece of software to teach people, and since SW is already running FTP and we have SIs and NORs and amendments and notices and whatnot to post, it’s kind of a natural. I have my favourite FTP client, and it’s fine. But for this, just a simple popup would do to select the file, and then upload. Sounds really simple (but of course I’m not maintaining the code. :slight_smile: )