FW: New User (via CJ)


I'm a new Sailwave user who has a couple of questions to ask the "veterans".
If anyone has any hints to offer on the following, it would be greatly

1. Most of the PHRF racing we do around Vancouver is time-on-time. In the
interests of keeping the scorer sane, our previous program (way to old to
even contemplate keeping) was able to
assign separate start times to individual divisions (classes). This meant
that when a time for a particular boat was punched in, the corresponding
start time for the division in which that boat belonged was assigned and
used to calculate corrected time. In my playing with the program it looks,
so far, that I can enter a start time for the first division
that starts when entering results for the first boat, but it maintains that
time for the remainder of the boats, regardless of what division they are
starting in. So my question is: Do I have to individually enter the start
times for each boat outside of the first division? OR, is there anyway to
assign start times to a division so that it will default to the appropriate
start time once a boat is selected? Or, is the simplest thing for me to
score each division in a separate file?

2. When registering competitors is there anyway, once a competitor has been
registered, to move directly to a new form without going back to the
spreadsheet and double-clicking on the space? This is more a convenience
thing than anything, so just curious.

Thanks in advance for any feedback that you may be able to provide.

Fraser Pearce
Sailing Director, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
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Vancouver, B.C.
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