Getting Started with Sailwave

1. Open Sailwave.
2. Click new to create a new series. A Series can either be a single
race or a series of races.
3. Select Edit/Edit series properties... to set up the Regatta info
that is published by Sailwave. The burgees are used to display logos.
Basically put your logo file in the same directory as the results,
enter the file name in the burgee field, and it will display on
anything you publish.
4. Select Edit/Edit scoring system... to set up how you are going to
score the regatta. The Race Scoring tab is used to set the scoring
method. Discards are entered on the Series Scoring tab. Press the
little 'wave' button at the end of the profile field to set up your
discards (see the FAQs at the website for more info). The Scoring
Codes tab is where you set up the values for OCS, DNC, etc. You can
also define your own codes here (i.e. if you want to set up a code of
RC for the person doing race committee).
5. Select Edit/Edit fleets... to set up the fleets.
6. Enter all the competitors using the "New" and "New Like" buttons
with the little people icons. Note that there is also a "New" button
with a 'paper and pencil' icon for adding a new race to the series.
7. Right-click on "R1", select "Edit race...", and enter the race
8. Use the "Sail num wizard" to enter the results. Set the Race
Number to 1, press the Tab key, and then click Next. This will bring
you to the screen where you enter results. Unclick the "Match last"
option for now. Type in a sail number. On the next screen
select "Start time and finish time or retirement code". Enter the
start time and finish time for the boat (hh:mm:ss). The start time
you enter will be used as the default for all the other boats in that
fleet (you won't need to enter it for every boat).
9. Press the "Score" button to generate corrected results. Press
the "Score Fleets" button to generate the corrected times separated
into fleets.
10. Press the Save button to save your results.
11. Publish the results. Select Publish/Results from the menu. On the
far right of the first screen select "Include finish times" and then
click on "Next". On the next screen select "To your default internet
browser" and press the "Publish" button. This will load the results
into your browser - you can print them from there. Note that the
results will print based on what is currently being displayed. There
are tons of options for publishing. The best way is to try them out
to see what you like the best. Personally I like the Mad for Sailing
style. You can also save the results to an HTML file to post on your
web site.