GMail and spam detection

Hopefully, no one else is affected but last night 3 messages from this forum were delivered to my spam folder which I don’t check regularly as I get a lot of spam and Google has been good at filtering. Google says it has been put in the spam folder as it was similar to others that had been marked as Spam. That wasn’t by me but it could be that some users who no longer wanted them marked them as Spam. This is not the correct way to do it. If for some really strange reason you no longer want these emails you should unsubscribe or even better reduce the frequency that you receive them. This forum allows you to configure how often you receive them - so if you only want to be kept up to date every couple of months that is fine! We now have to pay for all the emails sent from the forum so please don’t waste them by sending them to Spam
You may want to create a filter for GMail so that they are not sent to spam

and then select never send to spam

If you need any help just ask


Although I am not actively involved with Sailwave these days, I am still interested in what is happening on the forum so receive and read all the activity,

I can confirm that my system does not mark these emails as spam.