Have a default basis for entering results in Global Options

Typically you always input results as the same basis i.e. “Elapsed Time”.

If this could be a Global Option (or even remembered per sailwave file), then this would speed up results data input.

Would want it on the “Edit Result” dialog and also the “Sail Num wizard”


When entering results using the Sail Number Wizard are you for each competitor choosing from Place, Elapsed Time or Start and Finish time?

If so if you Edit each race and / or start in a race to select what type of finish is being used for the race then you will not have to select the type of finish for each competitor when using Sail Number Wizard.

Select type of finish from Drop down list (1)
If a finish time is selected, enter start time for the start as HHMMSS (2)

Personally I would not want the setting as a Global option but I do look at at a lot of Sailwave files to help people.

I hope the above helps is a small way.
Kind regards,

This is already there when you set the Start of a race this sets the method that will be used for the that start
Yes you can override it in the Sail Number Wizard but the default is set in the Starts.

When you create a new race then the starts are automatically copied from the last race.


Thanks Huw and Jon. That did the trick for me. Nice one

I score competitors who use different configurations (ILCA, Aero, Dart,Topper etc) as differnent entries but not for different sail numbers (perhaps an old heavy weather sail). There is also often an issue with handwriting. It is therefore sometimes easier to enter data by looking up competitors after ordering by start and then helm name so multiple entries stand out. The result is then entered by double clicking the competitors race result box.
In this case the form defaults to code rather than that selected for race finish. I can see why this is done but would like some way of over-riding the default here as well. It appears I am unable to stop repeatedly typing a time in the Code box!

Note: when doing the above after entering a new competitor it does present the chosen format

Hi Paul,

I assume that you know the latest version of Sailwave has a selective start on the Sailno Wizard so if you know which start the results are from you can have only that start being presented. You can also type a * in the SailNo Wizard box and then start typing a name

As to your comment re double clicking in the result box then this will automatically default to what you have defined in the starts
I you have scored a series then DNC will be added automatically so if you double-click it then you will automatically be taken to the Code
Try Tools Unscore Series before double clicking the result box

Let me know if that solves your issue

Thanks for this, I’ve just got a new laptop and the new sailwave version so still picking up the changes. With windows 11 I’m going through the ‘why on earth did they change that’ process at the moment.