Helm centric scoring

Is there, or could there be, a way to do helm centric scoring for a series.

We are a dinghy racing club but we allow helms to sail different bots during a series and would like to merge their results to give a composite helm based series result. For example Fred sails an RS200 when his crew is available but a single hander when he isn’t. At the moment we create separate entries for each boat he sails so we don’t have to change the PY each time, then manually merge results from a different class by creating a MRG (manual points) code and manually entering position from the other class. We would like an automatic way to create a helm results set rather than a boat results set.

We think this could be useful for other clubs.

Hi Gareth,
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A possible solution is for you to import the race results from a a CSV file as you can specify a rating to be used for that race - How do I import a list of race results? | Sailwave.

But this would not show the which type of boat is being sailed in each race. In past on the very few occasions I have had to do this I made a note on the Notes column and published that.

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Huw we could but that but not sure it is any less effort than what we do now - have all the boats separate and merge in the points (like doing a redress) manually. I’m hoping for something more automatic - that we can configure so the results then get merged automatically.