Help entering competitors

I’m a new user and am having trouble entering competitor names. I open a saved series, then click on “Edit”, then “New Competitor”, which results in a new highlighted blank row at the top of the list of competitors. But then when I type their name or sail number etc. in the appropriate highlighted column, nothing happens. The square just stays highlighted and I can’t see my typing input anywhere. What am I missing?? Thanks.

Hi Colin,

Welcome to Sailwave and Happy New Year.

You need to double click in the highlighted square to open the edit window. If you want to just enter data for the highlighted square press the return key and a little window will appear in which you can enter the information you to.

Sailwave is not like a spreadsheet even though it looks similar to one.

I hope that gets you going.
FYI - there is a User Guide and Reference Manual available for download from the Sailwave web site - Sailwave User Guide | Sailwave.

Kind regards,