High Points Scoring System

To insert CHIPs (Chipstead High) into Sailwave as a "Custom high point defined by a formula" enter (you should be able to cut & paste):

10+90*(((s-p)/(s-1))*(1-2.7183^(-0.163*(s-1))) +(2.7183^(-0.163*s))*0.996712681)

see www.styvechale.net/chip.pdf (Using the Chipstead High Point Scoring method in practise) which comments on some 'shortcomings' as I see (or misunderstand) them, as well as its history.

Since writing this piece I've (a) found at least one intrusive apostrophe! (b) obtained F. Gregg Bemis' 'Yacht Race Scoring' published in 1960, which is pretty good reading for anyone even vaguely interested in scoring systems. and (c) I'm becoming convinced that any scoring system based on adding ranks from unequal numbers of events (i.e. numbers of races) must be flawed _and_ I'm sure I can prove it! assuming anyone is the slightest bit interested.