How long do published scores to the Sailwave datastore last

Did a search first but could not find the answer, we have moved this year to Sailwave to manage scoring for the GT300 and Dash
The GT is a multi day event and to get the published scoring to work correctly I need to do multi publishing runs. Google sites is having issues with the HTM formatting if I post to the site. But I can use a iframe and post to the Sailwave datastore and everything works fine.

Just need to know how long results are stored so I can rely on this method of publish results.

thanks in advance


They stay there indefinitely But you should be able to make a template
that works. The existing publishing templates are ‘whole pages’ that
start with http etc and so do not embed very well. Copy results.htm in
templates folder (sailwave install folder) to say embedded_results.htm
in "my templates " sub-folder and edit to remove all the header stuff.
the other thing you’ll need to do it grab the CSS from the appropriate
file in the styles folder and place that permanently on your google
site in an appropriate place. Then when publishing, choose your new
embedded_results template choose not to publish a style. The resulting
file should embed within a web page then.

If you can get it to work, let me know and I can add a publishing
destination of “google site” and use their API to upload directly.
Something I’ve been meaning to do for ages. That would be a pretty
slick solution.

colin j

andrewcburnard wrote:



Thanks Colin played around with what you suggested, but seems google is particular about styles and you have to use the styles they provide and you can't upload a style for a page. I'll keep playing, an API to upload to google sites would be very cool, as they also don't allow FTP upload.

If you go to you can see how I'm getting around it, and how I'm publishing a multi day event.