How was this Cork Week results page created by Sailwave??


If you take a look at the following link for Cork Week

You will see that there is a Page with the overall class information with links provided to the specific Sailwave results tables,

Interestingly when you select a Class Result it displays it beneath the Overall section and the main htm page does not change.



Hi John,

That is one of the effects you can use when publishing with Sailwave.

Although the one in use here has a few improvements

You can download it from here

This is V2

You need to use this with the latest version 2.25.9 or 2.25.10 or later of Sailwave.

Basically, all the results are in the html file but javascript (Sailwave Effect) only displays the one you select.

But as you can see it is quite effective with a big event like this.


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Ok, Very good, when i last looked at the Effects library i noted that but did not put 2 + 2 together

Thanks again for the help and support.

John W