I have posted 8 races but SW only publishes 7 of them

The last race is not being published. Published total scores only include 7 races.
Version 2.29 operating on Windows
Thank you for any help

Hi Barrett,

Welcome to Sailwave User Group.

If you send me, huw@sailwave.com, a copy of your Sailwave file I will have a look and see what I can find.

Kind regards,

Thank you Huw, I have emailed the file

SUG members,

Having looked at the Sailwave file Barret sent me I could not find a reason why only 7 races out of 8 were being published, as when I published all 8 appeared.

I look forward to feedback from Barret,

Kind regards,

Thank you Huw. The problem appears to be with my Google browser. When I open the sailwave results using Edge all 8 races appear. When I use Google, only 7 appear. Further internet research tells me that I need to instruct Chrome to stop caching pages, and always check for a new version of the website. I did this by following this instruction and voila Google collected the refreshed version of the results with 8 races posted

Switch off the caching feature from the developers tool. To do so:

  1. Visit the website and press F12.
  2. Go to networks tab and check the box “Disable cache”.