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We are running a seasonal series. I have results from the day (i.e. event 1 of a series) in both csv format and in Sailwave (as a single day event). Last season I manually entered each race’s results (first place to last place) into the series Sailwave file. Can I do this another way? Can I import a csv for one of the races into the series?
regards, Nick

Hi Nick,
Short answer is yes you can import results into a seasonal series.
You can do using a CSV file by going to File | Import series from CSV
use File | Merge in another Sailwave series

Kind regards,

Hi Huw,

Thanks. Given I already have a Sailwave file for that day perhaps that’s the place to start - I’ll give that a try. In terms of the csv approach is there a list of required fields I can look at to see what needs to be included?


Hi Nick,



Works really well.

thanks sykes01 - I use the import as well, works great.

Thanks Huw,
I used the merge function to create the series and it worked a treat. Appreciate the quick reply.

I’m trying to compile results for a traveller series which consists of 8 regattas, 4 from one series and 4 from another, however the scoring is not straightforward. The 2 best scores from each series count, not the 4 best results overall.
We only have one fleet so trying to do as a Q and F doesn’t really fit, nor have I managed to use 2 separate files and merge without upsetting the discards carried through from each series. I finally exported to Excel, and manually sorted but really want to know if there is a way in Sailwave to do this so I can publish online.
Would appreciate anyone’s help.

Hi Annie,
Just wondering why you say the idea of using the Q and F won’t work. You could definitely set the discards for the qualifier to be the best two and the finals to be the best two.

I know it’s not what it is intended for but from what you say it should work for you on this occasion if I understand correctly


Thanks Jon.
I tried various ways of setting the discards for 2 in Q and 2 in F but couldnt get it to work so probably didn’t get this bit right. Am I correct that when using the Q and F way, I cant enter any final races until Qs are completed. I know this might sound obvious but I’m trying to join 2 sets of 4 regattas and some of the ‘Final’ races/regattas happen before all the Q regattas. If so, I can work around this. Do you have any advice getting the discards correct. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Annie,

You have three areas which control the discards when using Qualifiers and Finals

The normal discard profile plus two others
The maximum allowed from finals

and the minimum from the finals

Both of these have tooltips which you can see in the images above
This means you can control the number of discards from the qualifiers and finals with full control

For your situation, there should be no reason why you can’t enter the finals before all the qualifiers are entered. You should be able to untick the box - do not recalculate qualifiers when finals have been entered. This is normally needed because qualifiers are typically using flights and the finals are using fleets but in your case, they will be the same.

If you still have a problem share your best effort with me and the discards that you would like and I’ll have a look at it for you.

Regards Jon