Import into series

We are running a seasonal series. I have results from the day (i.e. event 1 of a series) in both csv format and in Sailwave (as a single day event). Last season I manually entered each race’s results (first place to last place) into the series Sailwave file. Can I do this another way? Can I import a csv for one of the races into the series?
regards, Nick

Hi Nick,
Short answer is yes you can import results into a seasonal series.
You can do using a CSV file by going to File | Import series from CSV
use File | Merge in another Sailwave series

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Hi Huw,

Thanks. Given I already have a Sailwave file for that day perhaps that’s the place to start - I’ll give that a try. In terms of the csv approach is there a list of required fields I can look at to see what needs to be included?


Hi Nick,



Works really well.

thanks sykes01 - I use the import as well, works great.

Thanks Huw,
I used the merge function to create the series and it worked a treat. Appreciate the quick reply.