Importing a csv result file

I have been using DSRC to time races but still record results manually. I am now experimenting with the Export function in DSRC to import the results directly into Sailwave. I appreciate that the Helm Name , the Boat Class and the Sail Number must match in the two systems for the import to work.
We have two division, monohulls and multihulls. The import into Sailwave of a monohull csv result file exported from DSRC works like a charm.The multihull import finds no matches in Sailwave and creates new entries for all skippers.
If I had hair I would have pulled it all out now looking at this problem!!!
Maybe you can help me.
I can’t attach the csv file but have uploaded a screen shot of it. I have uploaded the Sailwave file that I import the results into and the Sailwave file after the import.
Thanks and good luck.
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Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club

2021-22 Div 2 After.blw (112.3 KB)
2021-22 Div 2 Before.blw (76.1 KB)

Hi John,

I have just looked at your problem and the answer is simples when you spot it :slight_smile:

In the CSV file you have the Fleet as numeral 1 but in the Sailwave file it is numeral 2.

When I changed the fleet# from 2 to 1 in the CSV the import works for me.

All best with rest of season.
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Huw is correct but a couple of Possible Tips.

Looks like you may be using the term Division where DSRC uses Fleets.
You could just choose to

A) Just IGNORE Fleet on Import buy setting the import in Sailwave on the Field Mapping section.
B) In DSRC edit the Sailwave Header in Setting so Fleet is F L E E T, Sailwave won’t match that so will ignore it
C) As B by set it to Division.

Hope that Helps