Importing competitors from another sailwave file - ignore dulicates

When Importing competitors from another sailwave file, I notice that duplicates can be imported.

Would be really handy to have an option to select that allows ignore duplicates. Based on uniqueness of something like : SailNumber, BoatClass, Helm, Crew. I guess this uniqueness criteria may have to be configurable.

If you are importing from another Sailwave file you have to select the competitors that are imported so the only way you can get a duplicate is if you ask it to import a Competitor that you already have. I will do this because you may wish to import a competitor that is similar but different in some way and you wish to compare them.

If you wish to import blocks of competitors I would recommend you use the import competitors from csv.
The csv import does have the ability to ignore duplicates


Thanks Jon, I’ll try that next time.