Interesting Publishing Question and Resolution

Hi SUG Members,

I had an interesting email this morning asking for help in working out why the crew name & crew club club were being shown as hyperlinks when the competitor list was published.

The initial problem was that the crew club information was being stored in the CrewID column/field and the check box to publish links to competitors biographies on the Publishing tab of Series properties was checked. So as I have highlighted strongly in the Sailwave User Guide & Reference Manual, do not use the the HelmID, CrewID or any other column ending ID for storing competitor data other than SailorID links.

I then learnt something new :slight_smile:
I copied the information from the CrewID/Crew Club field/column, using Tools | Set competitor field, to the CrewWebsite field. However, I found out that Sailwave is hard-coded to assume that information entered in this field/column is also a hyperlink. I should not have been surprised. So an update for the next release of the Sailwave User Guide and Reference Manual, to include a warning not to use any field/column with ;‘website’ in its default name.

I finally used the CrewNotes field/column to store the crew’s sailing club.

Kind regards,