Interfacing with Excel

We run multiple series throughout the year that are divided into divisions. I have an Excel spreadsheet in which you can enter the details of the sailor and it will apply a handicap and division (we use progressive handicaps). However, the sailor list and people who turn up on the day are often different and people may only turn up for 1 weekend halfway through the series. Adding extra sailors in Sailwave is a bit of a pain so is there someway I can link Sailwave to Excel so that when I add a new sailor or modify the list in someway, it updates it in Sailwave too?


Hi Macgregor,
The short answer is yes. This is because Sailwave has the required messaging built-in; it was added several years ago when Sailwave had RYA NHC progressive rating functionality added.

I am not competent o advise on how to do this but I am sure Jon will help you, but he is a bit busy at the moment scoring iQFOiL World Championship and rolls straight into scoring the Techno Europeans.

All best in for getting your requirement sorted.
Kind regards,

As Huw said - I’m quite busy at this moment but if you can wait a few days I can go over the Windows messaging solution which requires some programming ability.
Alternatively, you can import competitors from a CSV file generated by excel.
And of course, you can very easily take competitors from Sailwave into Excel

Perhaps as soon as I have some time we could chat on the phone - it may be quicker


Sounds great thank you. I am in no hurry so just let me know when you are available.

If you do a phone call make sure you post the process so we all get to find out… :slight_smile: