Irish Sailing plugin in version 2.30

Version 2.30 pf Sailwave includes a plugin to publish to
An update for this Plugin - SWISA.exe is available from Dropbox - Swisa.EXE - Simplify your life this is 1.1.2 (If this file is not available there is probably a newer version link) Replace the existing SWISA.exe with this one in C:\Program files (x86)\Sailwave with the new version.
This has two changes - It gives a message to inform you if your burgees are on your local PC. Burgees must be web accessible you can use or Onedrive if you don’t have access to a webserver for this, please ask if you need help
It also encodes to UTF-8 any special characters in the Event name

These two situations previously resulted in an Invalid Command message being displayed

The current version is fine to use as long as you don’t put special characters in the event name and your burgees are web-accessible.
Please report any issues you encounter


There is a new Sailwave full install

This includes the latest plugins for Irish Sailing and RRS and also an updated Progressive Handicap calculation (SWHelper.exe)