Is it possible to assign aliases to a fleet via a csv import?

I have an VBA Excel file that generates a csv competitor list allowing me to deal with competitors using different classes of dinghy within a series. It also generates each competitor 3 times ready for later assigning aliases within sailwave. It allows me to generate sailwave results for main, handicap and menagerie fleets in a 48 race series. It seems to be working but I have to assign the aliases manually within sailwave. Q./ Is there a way to import information from a csv competitor list to automate the assigning of an alias to a parent/master in sailwave?
I’ve had a bit of a trawl through user group posts but haven’t found anything as yet saying this is possible or not.
Regards, SY.

Hi Simon,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to import Aliases - the reason is that each competitor has a unique ID allocated to them when it is created, and an Alias is marked as an Alias of this unique ID. As you don’t know what the Unique ID of the main competitor is then it would not be possible to create the correct link for the Alias.

But it is very quick to generate the Aliases you can create them as a block e.g. an Alias of a Fleet all in one go


Hi Simon,

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Whilst Jon is correct you cannot import aliased competitors as part of the initial competitor import from a CSV, it is possible to create aliased competitors for import from CSV file once the initial competitor import has been done. I had forgotten about a document I wrote back in 2020 with Jon’s help.

I have updated the document having read it and followed the steps I listed, to add a missed step or two plus corrected some typos.

I attach a PDF of the document and welcome your/others feedback.
Kind regards,
Sailwave - Create Aliases using CSV Import.pdf (322.9 KB)