Locking Previous races

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Sorry have a few questions, ill put them in separate posts so they can be answered individually,

we have a few different people in our club that do the results, and we now have twice had issues where people have adjusted old races without realizing,

1, Someone started changing finish times of a previous race in a series thinking they were updating the current race,
2, handicaps were changed mid season and someone re calculated all previous results with new Handicaps,

can you somehow kind of finalize a race so it can not be easily adjusted?


Hi Morgan,

I have answered your questions out of sequence so apologies for that.

Sailwave does not have a way of finalising a race or a series ‘so it can not be easily adjusted’.
As you have mentioned in another post you are using Google drive so it is possible to recover a previous version of the file. Tedious I know.

Sorry I cannot be more positive.
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Hi Morgan,

Not sure if this will help, When we had multiple people doing the results and some with little experience just following instructions , I set it up so the OOD on the day used a separate file for the Days results. These were stored on Dropbox / Google drive and they could then be easily merged into the series file by a more experienced user who could do it later say from home on a different device… You also have all the previous results. Its a bit convoluted but did avoid the sort of issues your having, I would suggest you have a template file with most competitors. There is a command line option to open a template file from a shortcut.
Tip. I am sure you will be entering the results via Sailnumber Wizard, but if not give it a look.


Thanks for all 3 of your answers. Dropbox is a good idea as it can be downloaded on pc. I see google drive do the same but seems complex.

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re: 1. just a thought but maybe you could make the file read-only. - right-click, properties, click “read only” in attributes section, or use attrib command from the command line.