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Hi! Mac and iPhone users can do anything with ezTrap?

Best regards:Zsolt

ezTrap will work on any operating system that is able to run Microsoft Excel versions from 2010 or newer.

ezTrap does not with any other spreadsheet.

Should also have said that allows VBA macros to run.

I do not find my chatting about Mac emulation I to Catalina OS

Hi Zsolti,
Your chat about using Sailwave on a Mac does not automatically appear here in this user group forum. The chat is completely separate.

Sailwave will run on Apple Mac hardware using MacOS but not on iPhone or iPad.

If the version of MacOS is ‘Catalina’ the only solution is to purchase Crossover for Mac [], this is because Apple removed 32-bit application support in t his the latest version of MacOS.

Versions of MacOS prior to ‘Catalina’ using one of several different options:

  • again use Crossover
  • use native WINE install but tricky to setup WINE
  • use HomeBrew which makes setting up the WINE environment easier
  • use WINEbottler v1.8 or newer

All these solutions allow Sailwave to be run as an application completely in the MacOS environment.

Another alternative which requires buying a commercial product, like Parallels, involves using the Apple hardware to run Microsoft Windows, so you are using either MacOS or Windows. You also need to have a valid Windows licence, so another expense potentially.

Yet another option is run a virtual machine, like VirtualBox, Microsoft Windows environment in a window under MacOS. Again one must have a valid Microsoft Windows licence, so another expense.

And finally another option is to have a cheap Microsoft Windows PC and use remote desktop connection to access Sailwave running on the PC.

I hope the above information is useful.
Kind regards,

Thanks a lot!
I have Windows for Mac license I think some 8 years old!

I will follow your suggestion!

Anyway, I am Hungarian and followings Sailwave from the early days when Colin worked on it hardly!

Hi Zsolt,

Thank you for being a loyal Sailwave user and I hope you have found it useful. There are still many exciting features coming so please keep using and give us any feedback




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