Manual Flight Assignments

Hello everybody,

I’m in need of your help.

We are running a league event with 23 teams where each flight as 3 races, and each race as 8 teams racing.

We did the assignments by an excel sheet, we have been using, but now we want to score on sailwave.

On the “user interface” we activated the options “split starts allowing…” and “Appendix LE…”

According to our excel we manually inserted the race/flight, in the “edit competitor” menu, in which each boat is to run in the different flights.

When we try to identify the boats which are running in the different start of each flight (“edit start menu”), the flight which we manually inserted doesn’t show up.

Anyone knows how to solve this?


It would be helpful to have even more detail please.
A copy of the Sailwave file you have set-up and a screenshot or copy of the spreadsheet in which you have your flights.

I have done lots of events which use flights but I have always used the Flight assignment tool and have never done manual flight assignments. I have made manual changes on a very few occasions to a handful of competitors after using the tool for various reasons.

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Hello Huw,

Thanks for your reply.
Apparently I cannot upload files, as I am a new user, so I will sent you them by email.
I also used many times the flight assignment tool but this time wanted to do the thing manually.


Olá Miguel,
I have replied to your email and the files that were attached allowed me to understand what you wanted to do. I hope the information all makes sense.

For others:
Miguel had created the flight assignments manually and for what he was scoring it was the way to do it. The event being scored involved 20 competitors being re-assigned to a flight for each race in a series of 18 scheduled races. The flight assignments for each race were decided by the organising authority prior to the start of racing.

The problem arose with scoring because once the results for R1 had been entered it was not possible to set-up the which competitors were in which of the 3 starts in the race. The solution was to delete the race results, after having made a not of them, configure which competitors were in which start and then enter the R1 results.

Sailwave internally knew that R1 had been completed and then will not allow one to set-up starts for R1 using the R! flight assignments.

Before entering results for a race the starts have to be set-up but after the results of the previous race results have been entered.

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Thank you very much!

Hello Huw,

Where can i find my flight assignments on my sailwave.

Hi Thirusha,
A point Jon & I forgot to mention when explaining about making functionality like flight assignments available, is that the settings have to be ‘switched on’ in every new Sailwave ffile if required.

To ‘switch on’ flight assignment functionality for a Sailwave file you need to open Setup | User options and select the required options; Appendix LE Addendum C, allow multiple 1sts. 2nds etc.

To manually edit flight assignments you double click a competitor and then select the Flights tab.

It is also possible to import from a CSV file flight assignments with versions of Sailwave 2-25-5 and newer.

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Hi everyone,

A couple of days ago I had a vague recollection that Sailwave could import flight assignments from a CSV file, but I could not find any information. A quick message to Jon and he confirmed that my recollection was correct forwarding an email from March 2018 with the subject “Sailwave 2.25.5 with Flight import”. I now have to update the User Guide.

FYI - this functionality was implemented to support the 2018 Finn Masters who have their own process for initial flight allocation.

More information available on request for now until updated User Guide available.
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