Merge Competitors

Is there a way to import competitors from an existing .blw file such that only the new/missing/different competitors are imported? The alternative would be to somehow identify the competitors in the source .blw file that are missing in the destination.

Tom Owen
Dahlgren Yacht Club

Hi Tom,
1 options is
a) File - Export series summary to windows clipboard & specify comma as seperator
b) Paste that into a new text file and save with CSV suffix
c) Import Competitors from CSV using file just created (as this allows ignore existing competitors)


Thanks Keith. Worked okay after some tuning. I did not realize that import from a .csv ignored existing competitors. Merge from a .blw will always duplicate competitors.

Hi Tom
I sent this a couple of hours ago via email but there seems there may be a problem with the forum when replying via email - will look into it shortly

The import from csv has the option to ignore existing competitors


So that would be the easy way

Use the SWCList program (Included with Sailwave) to produce a csv list of the competitors of one of the files and then the csv import competitor into the other


Hope that helps


I saved the competitor list to the windows clipboard, saved as a .csv file, and then imported. That appears to work, but I have not tried the SWCList. Will give it a try as well.
Thanks for all that you do to make Sailwave what it is.