Merge problem for handicap results

I have a merge problem. Skippers in our series sometimes switch class. For overall handicap results I want to merge class one results with class two results with one line entry for skipper.
Merge by competitor doesn’t work. The series being merged has two entries for skipper - one for each class. The receiving file has only one entry for skipper (with handicap adjusted for new class).
How can I make this merge work? My solution now is to re-enter the results. Fortunately only effects skippers.

testover2021.blw (52.0 KB)
testfleet2021.blw (62.7 KB)

Hi Joanne,
I’m not 100% sure I understand what you are trying to do
so this is your receiving file

and you would like to merge this one below with it?

What is it you would expect to see after the merge?

You can specify Class and helmname to match so if the helm was sailing in different classes at different events only the ones that match both class and helmname will be merged


Thanks for your reply.
The receiving file has 2 lines.
I would like race 5 and 6 in the merge file to be added to the receiving file keeping only one line per helm.

Hi Joanne,

I think I can see what you are trying to achive, I don’t bleive merging will achieve what you need as you will loose the correct handicap for the merged file, and if you are just merging on Helm and not class (This does give you 2 lines) but the fact that there are 2 resutls for each helm, a real results and a DNC, it is quite possible the DNC will overwrite the real resutls if it is later in the file.

To achieve what you are after, you need to manualy move the race results where the helm has changed class to the other entry and set a race PY to reflect the other class, (I add a note to helm, eg Radial R2 and publish notes)

I can see its a pain as as races are added to series as you need to either duplicate series again and need to redo change for all races, or create a file of just the new races and merge that and make any changes to the helm who have change class.

Depends if you are publishing HCAP resutls as series goes of just at the end of the series.

I meant to say if helms were not changing class, you could have simply used competior aliases for the hcap results but sadly not in this case.

** Update - I think I would use Competiotor aliasiing as this will create correct results for each race but would need to duplicate series and manual change at the end of the series to move the race results to single home for thoes mixing classes.

Hope that makes sense.


Hi Joanne

When merging Sailwave files you can only merge the two files you can’t selectively merge individual races
so if you only want to merge 2 races you would have to copy the file and then delete the races that you do not want to merge.
You could delete the competitors that you don’t want to merge but this would still not support different ratings for different races.

Sailwave would support the importing of results from a CSV to do this which you could do if there was a lot to do, but I guess it would probably be easiest to merge them as above and manually edit the ones that have changed classes

Hope that helps