Merging series not unticking competitors

Hi, I recently updated from version 2.28.7 to 2.28.11. I often create a series by merging in an existing series. I’m fairly sure that in v 2.28.7 a competitor already existing in the destination series would untick as entered if the merged series included them as a competitor. In version 2.28.11 it doesn’t appear to untick the competitor automatically. The importing results via csv is a similar process and the competitor is unticked if they are included in the csv results file. Could you check that? regards, Nick

Hello Nick,
Quick question - wondering why you are using Sailwave v2-28-11 when the latest version is v2-29-0?

I will go and check if issue is in Sailwave v2-29-0.
Kind regards,

I was having some issues getting the FTP upload to work in 2,29. I’m waiting for our club webmaster to be available to give me some help. I dropped back a version 2.28.11 so I could get the results on line. Not a problem with Sailwave, just struggling to getting the format right. regards, Nick

Hi Nick,
Have just tested merging using Sailwave v2-29-4 and I get same as you an excluded competitor in series1 does not get unchecked when series2 merged in.

Now need Jon to have a look when he is able to.
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I don’t think it ever has. I did add the feature for the CSV but it never has for merging as far as I can remember


I’ll re-test in 2.28.7 which I’ve been using to marge series each week. I’m sure it has been unticking them. When I updated to 2.28.11 I noticed it didn’t. Nick

Hi Huw, I only see 2.29.0 as the latest downloadable version. What/where is 2.29.4?

Many thanks.


Hi Jools,

Yes Sailwave 2-29-0 is the current download version of the software and is a full install. All subsequent versions, 2-2-1 to 2-29-5, have not been available on general release. However, if you go to theSUG thread on JSON - JSON Output Bug? - #3 by abarrow - there is a link in a post from Jon to download Sailwave 2-29-5 which is an EXE only version.

Do you know what to to do with an EXE version only?
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Hi Jools - I’ve never actually publicly released it but if you were to download 2.29.2 which was posted here
You will in fact get the 2.29.5
These are the changes
2.29.01 Fix class name generation for Race columns e.g. rank 10-39 had .rankxx applied
2.29.02 Fix chartochars not to use the ¬ symbol so Chinese and presumably other languages don’t get corrupted
Fix hang if invalid locale file is specified
Specifying invalid file forces use of charset specified so I can see the chinese file without switching my computer
Users may want to change header.txt to specify the language
2.29.03 Fixed Foils dropdown on Technical tab
2.29.04 Added clear search box icon. New competitor now clears filter
2.29.05 Changes to the save to JSON fixed formatting and now .json instead of .txt and no longer displays file. No longer includes excluded competitors if they are hidden
Unused competitor fields are not included in file (File is now smaller)

Hi Huw,

Thanks, and yes, I’m fine with replacing EXE files.

BR, Jools.

Hi Jon,

Many thanks. Very inforative, and useful to know.

BR, Jools.

Hi Jools,
FYI - The versions 2-29-1 to 2-29-5 addressed issues only specific to a couple of users and will be in the next full release.

One was addressing an issue that was experienced by Chinese users in that the Chinese characters were not displaying correctly and the latest fixed an issue when saving as a JSON file in that the syntax of the JSON file was not quite correct.

Kind regards,