Merging series not unticking competitors

Hi, I recently updated from version 2.28.7 to 2.28.11. I often create a series by merging in an existing series. I’m fairly sure that in v 2.28.7 a competitor already existing in the destination series would untick as entered if the merged series included them as a competitor. In version 2.28.11 it doesn’t appear to untick the competitor automatically. The importing results via csv is a similar process and the competitor is unticked if they are included in the csv results file. Could you check that? regards, Nick

Hello Nick,
Quick question - wondering why you are using Sailwave v2-28-11 when the latest version is v2-29-0?

I will go and check if issue is in Sailwave v2-29-0.
Kind regards,

I was having some issues getting the FTP upload to work in 2,29. I’m waiting for our club webmaster to be available to give me some help. I dropped back a version 2.28.11 so I could get the results on line. Not a problem with Sailwave, just struggling to getting the format right. regards, Nick

Hi Nick,
Have just tested merging using Sailwave v2-29-4 and I get same as you an excluded competitor in series1 does not get unchecked when series2 merged in.

Now need Jon to have a look when he is able to.
Kind regards,

I don’t think it ever has. I did add the feature for the CSV but it never has for merging as far as I can remember


I’ll re-test in 2.28.7 which I’ve been using to marge series each week. I’m sure it has been unticking them. When I updated to 2.28.11 I noticed it didn’t. Nick