Merging series & using race rating


A question on merging. I would like to be able to merge a race scored on Portsmouth Yardstick into a new series, scored on a different race rating.

The new series has the same competitors, but is otherwise blank except for the one required race it must have. Within that race each competitor has a race rating that is different to the PY rating used to score the imported series. I’d like to score each race of the imported series using the race rating for each competitor in the destination series.

Could the merge function be tweaked to allow that option?


Hi Nick,

You could do this quite easily with the latest version of Sailwave
Open the series with the race you want to use.
Make sure the series is unscored Alt-F9
Then make sure the Elapsed or Finish times are displayed depending upon which you use F6 E or F6 F
Then do File Export series summary to clipboard…
Select just these

and click the Export…

Paste this into a blank excel sheet and delete the columns for the races you don’t want
Save as a CSV file and then use the import race results from CSV
This is all covered in
But it is quite straight forward

Hope that helps - Let us know how you get on.



Thanks Jon,

I’ll give it a go.

I presume installing the latest version doesn’t overwrite the ratings files?


Hi Nick,
It won’t overwrite the ratings files because if you have modified them or are still scoring a previous years results.
If the ratings files have been renamed or removed it will install them.

Hi Jon,

When I export the columns I get the elapsed time and laps in the same column, so for example 20.25/2.
After importing into this as a csv file this doesn’t split the time & laps so the scoring gets a little mixed up.


Hi Nick,
You didn’t say you were using laps but you can still do it but would have to separate them with a formula in Excel

As an example you can see them separated in this excel sheet

The formula in the E2 cell is =IF(ISERROR(FIND("/",D2)),D2,LEFT(D2,FIND("/",D2)-1))
and in cell F2 is =IF(ISERROR(FIND("/",D2)),"",MID(D2,FIND("/",D2)+1,3))

just double click the small dot in the surrounding box bottom right to duplicate the formula for the rest of the column

Hope that helps

HI Nick,
1 Question are you looking at a different rating for the CLASS or for the Individual competitor?

If for the Class then you could add a separate rating CUSTOM to Rating files and score on that, using aliases you could score both from the same file if you wished. (We do this at one club, as we adjust PY for Slower boats, but it nice to be able to score against both systems.)

If it personal handicaps you could change the class to say LASER-KS and add to rating files, you would need to merge on a field other than class but could easily replicate real class to another field and merge on that.

I suppose the question I should have asked first is What and Why are you trying to achieve? (A
bit of background always helps) :smiley:

Or as always Jon’s solution is a winner.