Merging Several Series

Hi Jon/Huw/all,

For some reason I’ve never had much success with the Merge Series option, and wondered if someone would be kind enough to explain the precess, and differences between the three options.

My goal is to merge all of a season’s separate series into one combined series, to include all competitors from each of the individual series.
Option 1 looks to be the one I need, but only seems to merge competitors that already exist in the destination series.
Option 3 adds in all competitors from each of the source series,so the destination series could have as many duplicate competitors as there were series merged together.
Option 2 seems to only produce one new race of aggregate ranking/points for each series (of many races) merged into the destination series.

While writing this it has occured that perhaps I need to import all of the competitors from all the series’ and then use option 1?
So none of these appear to allow me to achieve what I’m after.

I’m sure I’m not the 1st to want an overall series, so I wonder how others go about the task?

Many thanks.

BR, Jools.

Hi Jools,

I have just done a quick test of merging two series.

I have used Merge option 1 and then checked for my test the sail number & helm name boxes under option2, which apply to option1 as well. The merge was successful in adding the races from series2 to series1 for the competitors with matching sail number & helm name. But the non matching competitors were also added together with the individual race results from series2, i.e. the competitors who did participate in series1.

I have not scored the merges series in the image which is immediately after t he merge completed.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Hi Jools,

If you use option 1 you should get what you want - as the tooltip says Competitors that are not matches are added to the series

I would recommend with the first series you are starting with - Turn off the hide excluded competitors and then delete the excluded competitors then do the merge



Perfect. I hadn’t realised that the check boxes under option 2 also applied to option one.
Season’s results now created.

One small ask - could we have a ‘Delete Races’ button on the ‘ribbon’, perhaps next to the Delete User button?

Terrific program and support.

Thanks again.

BR, Jools.