Multiple Fleet race, flight mixed on finish, sailnum wisard

We had a Optimist regata with two flights, red and blue. The Sailwave series setup was correct for this type of events (scoring system, double 1st, 2nd, two start per race…).
First race: Red Started, 5 minutes after Blue starting procedure started. During the finish phase of Red flight, Blue Flight race was abandoned with November.

Due insecure wind condition, RC decided to restart the Blue flight (R1), and shortly after that to start Red flight (R2). Two flights at the end mixed at the finish line, having a list of arrivals of Blue (R1), and Red(R2). Due to the crowd on the finish line, only sail numbers (not the flight color) were recorded.

I am used with a “normal” situation, where flights are mixed, but they are racing the same race, and the Sail Num Wizard is doing all the work sorting results to right Start (Flight).

But in this situation (two flights from different races simultaneously on finish line), there is a high risk of having problems and entering wrong results in races if things are not double-checked and made carefully, with a lot of redundant or manual work. Is there a way to enable entering of two separate races by flights in one Sail num wizard session, or at least to filter some boats (by Flight or Start, example: entering R1 Blue, reds are simply not found, discarded during entry) entering the results of one race?

My quick thoughts would be assuming all boats are already in series file so not been added via wizard.

Complete Race 1 via Sail no wizard (and as long as you have ticked Don’t show competitors that already have a result. You wont get the option to add a result for boats already scored Red Flight R1 )
Complete Race 2 Wizard for Blue Flight (which I guess you have separately), Then you can use results again from Combined finish and it will ignore those already scored Blue Flight.

Not what you asked but a bit of a work around.

The situation you described happens sometimes and it’s a pain to deal with. Keith provided you with a pretty good solution, but it is time consuming.

It would be really nice if we could have an enhancement that allows you to move sailor results from one race to another based on the select competitor filter. In your case you would enter Blue (R1) and Red(R2) using the wizard into race 2 and then use the competitor filter to move the Blue flight results from race 2 to race 1. Once that is completed you can clear the Blue flight results from race 2.

I tried to use this approach, and I have to modify it, making it slower. It is working in ideal situation, but on field, working on water and with hundreds of boats, you will always have missing entries on the list (resolved later on shore with listening second dictafon-camera and/or Scoring inquiries). Using your approach, those missing entries from R1 will be substituted by R2 results in wrong order, last ones, which is much worse than the default “DNC” - a sudden default “grey” DNC usually means error in scoring or missing score.

The solution I used, which was slower, was to check the entry after entering the sail number, before confirming the position. If it is wrong color, you have to press “back”, mark it on paper and continue to the next. Slow and annoying.

The solution offered by [PvM4RM] is good, but maybe just allowing to put a filter in the Sail Num wizard (“I am entering Race x, Flight Color y”) would be enough, and much easier to program. Slower, but error free.

Walter, there is already a way to filter by flight colour and race number with the wizard.

Use the “set competitor field” tool
Set the “select competitors” filter to required flight colour i.e. Flight=Blue
Set “field to change” to a field that is not in use. I’ll use Class for this example
Select “Copy value from another competitor field” and select SailNo
Start the Sail Num wizard, enter the race number and change the field you are going to be entering to Class

Hi Walter,

I totally understand your problem and have been in the same situation myself in the past
What you did does work but I agree it is incredibly slow and annoying

What I do now if this happens is enter the results from the sheet into a future unused race in your case I would have entered them as R3 and Sailwave will be happy and put them all into the correct flights for you
Now sort the columns by the order of flight and then R3 (Hold the Ctrl Key)
Now in the R2 click the cell of the first Red and press enter twice - they will get a position 1
Now press Down Arrow and then Enter twice and they will get a position 2 Repeat this for all the flight which have results. It is incredibly quick to do once you do the first one
Repeat for R1 and the blue .
Now once you are happy you use the Edit- Clear results - All competitors R3 (you may want to save a copy of the blw file with this in if there are lots of queries as it may help sorting out the missing/incorrect recordings)
It does at first sound a bit messy but if the results are for mixed races then I find this works incredibly well and once you have done it once you get very quick at it

I am considering putting a few tick boxes across the bottom of the sailnumber wizard that are ticked by default but you could untick to hide the search results for that selection. But I’ve not decided whether these tick boxes should be based on Fleet, Flight or Starts. But even with these I think you would find my first suggestion a lot quicker in practice but I think these tick boxes could help in situations where you have difficulty deciphering the writing and there are mixed fleets in the results


Peter, good workaround for the filter.

Jon’s solution seems even better, because it eliminates double work using the wizard as intended for one finish, although combined.

I will try both of them.

Thank you!

"But I’ve not decided whether these tick boxes should be based on Fleet, Flight or Starts. "

Jon, from my point of view and for the problem described here, but for some other scenarios also, maybe the best is to use filter on Start. One start - one finish → you already filtered who is starting using the start definition in the race. In this way at the end you can filter on flight, fleet, division, or even class, whatever you used in Start definition.

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I found a new check mark and button “Specified Starts” in the Sailnum wizard in the version 2.30.2 and a mention about it in the change log:

“Add selective starts to SailNo Wizard. For the larger events, the Sail Number wizard now has the ability to filter presented SailNo’s based on the starts that are selected. Using this feature makes it less likely to enter an incorrect sail number and will highlight any competitors in the wrong fleets. It also makes entry quicker as you don’t have to type so many characters to get a match and is especially useful when multiple countries are present with the same sail number”

I have to test it, but it seems this is the solution to the described problem in this thread, although I like Jon workaround where the entry is needed only once.
More important it will make easier (and less error prone) the entry process of results where number can be the same in different classes on the finish.