[mysail]online entryand avarats

i changed online entry to use tabs - it shows
tabs for the roles you define etc.

  click the [Add entry]  button to see an example for the test



feel free to sign in and add some entries.  it's just an even to

play around with.

ps: to those signing up - could you set an avatar if you get the

chance - the whole site is based round nicknames and avatars. you
dont need appropriately sized images - sailwave does that for you -
just pick an area of an extsing imageā€¦

do it my click the Me button top right of the screen - that takes

you to your home page - then selecting avatar form the setup button

  • the butotn with a to the right of the default sailwave avatar.

    all objects - users, venues and events - have home pages - all can
    be setup from the their setup menu.