Need help

Hello to all,

I’m not so good with Sailwave, still learning, so I ask for help.

I have a one design fleet with 7 sailed races.

Race 8 should be a Medal race for top 10, and Race 9 a Final race for boats from 11th to the last.

In the Medal race points will be doubled (1st = 2, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 6, etc) and for ocs/dnc score will be 22.

In the Final race all finishing scores plus 10 points.

In the User interface window I checked the box Medal race & in the Edit scoring system / tab Medal race I checked the left boxes (non-medalist wtihout tickes).

I edited Medal race, and set that competitors are top 10, and also Final race set competitors from 11th to the last.

After entering results of Medal race and scoring series, points were not doubled, and for dnc score was like for fleet before (71+1).

I don’t know what I did wrong or miss, so please if someone has time to explain how to do this correctly.

Thanks in advance