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This looks good, obviously easier to get used to for some more tech savvy members, but I found my way here and managed a post so it must be easy!
Thanks Jon for all your work on this and all the help you give.

Jon, this looks good.
I will muddle through initially. It was good to import the old posts
Well done!


Excellent, well done lot of work, one point I will be interested to know and experience how this platform deals with images that are uploaded.



Hi John,
Yes, I have enabled the ability to save images and also to Cache them. Unlike the Yahoo forum if there are links to images it downloads them and hosts them on its own server, so they are visible in the posts even if the original is no longer available. So it should work with embedded images just fine (My initial test worked) I’ve also enabled it to host .blw files so any .blw attachments should also work.

I’m replying to this post by email with an embedded image as a sample


I’ve set a limit of 4MB on the file sizes which should be more than enough. We will have to watch how the storage mounts up. Currently, I’m paying for the hosting of the Linux server on Microsoft Azure (There are cheaper solutions but Azure is easier for me at the moment and hopefully should be very reliable) and also for the Mailserver. I have 10K emails per month free after which it is $0.80/1000 which works out at about 16 emails for 1p which sounds good but it could easily mount up (10,000 is £6.25)


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Excellent - much easier to search than the old Yahoo.


Is it possible to add a Category to a thread that has been copied in from Yahoo?


A post can only be in one category
But there can be tags.
I did add a tag named crossover and tagged this post which is in the imported category
as an example and then you can search on a tag using the advanced search e.g.

but you can also search on the text such as crossover
Tags have to be created by moderators at the moment but anyone can use them

The advanced search is very powerful

Hope that helps


that is good to know.