New Rating Files Available

Hi SUG Members,

Three new rating files have been added to the list of those available for download from the Ratings Library on the Sailwave website:

  • 2024 SCHRS rating file
  • 2024 SCHRS PY Look A Like rating file
  • 2024-2025 Spring Edition Great Lakes rating file

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Huw / Jon

Running a Appendix LE Qualifying and Fila series. How do ensure all the Gold flight are scored ahead of the Silver flight?

2024_ILCA_I420_29er_MWW_DAY_3_END.blw (484 KB)

I noticed that the following settings were not enabled:

The second setting prevents the Q series from being rescored when the letter score methods are changed for the Final series.

In the attached file I populated the boat field with the flight and fleet information and scored the series by boat. It did it quickly and there are other ways to do it, but it seems correct. I do not know what is in the SI’s, but normally during the Q series the letter scores are based on a method of largest start. This means that the letter scoring in the q series would be 42 points. See below:


2024_ILCA_I420_29er_MWW_DAY_3_END with edits.blw (475 KB)

Hi Mark,

Thank you for reaching out for help. I see PeterVdM has provided a solution that seems to work. In the circumstances I think PeterVdM solution is one to continue with. It is possible to convert to a separate file for ILCA6 fleet and I have done but was bit fiddly - took me about 10-minutes. However, having looked at the SI’s I do understand why all the ILCA variants would be wanted in one file :slight_smile:

My comments are:

  • I do not recommend trying to score a Q-series & F-series in the same file as other classes being scored as a single series as it causes problems as you have found. It also names the races confusingly for the fleets not doing Q-series & F-series. Although as I said above I do understand why having all ILCA classes in one file is very useful.
  • on the Fleet tab of ‘Scoring system’ you only need to configure the fleet that is having exceptions, so in the file you posted you do not need the entries you have for 29er, ILCA4, ILCA7 & 420 fleets.

I notice there is a conflict, in my view, between NoR 12 Scoring and SI 15 Scoring. NoR 15 specifies the number of drops but not how they are to be split between Q-series & F-series for ILCA6. SI 15 infers one drop fro Q-series and one from F-series but not clear. And if this is what is required the Addendum LE tab of scoring for ILCA 6 exceptions needs setting to there is at least one drop from F-series.

All best for final day of regatta.
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Just to follow up on this as I did the final day of scoring for this event. I ended up splitting the file into one for ILCA 6 only with flights and one with the other classes without flights (ILCA 4, ILCA 7, 29er & I420).

To Huw’s point about “I do not recommend trying to score a Q-series & F-series in the same file as other classes being scored as a single series” - I found that not recommended equaled not possible. At least with my limited Sailwave knowledge and under pressure. The races were marked Q & F for all classes when I wanted R for the classes without flights and I would have had to switch scoring systems for the flight vs not flight classes. I was posting the results in individual pdfs by class so it didn’t matter that I had separate files.

In summary, it was sort of manageable to have flights with non-flights while we were scoring the qualifying races but not when we started the final series.

Thanks for all your help with this regatta,


Well done Eileen

It is possible to do it all in one file but it is easier to split into two files and generally without any negatives. Normally I would split into two files unless they are racing them together on the same start line and the results can come in mixed. In which case I would use just the one file


I left out the part about all the ILCA classes being on 1 score sheet and the ILCA 4s one race behind (they went in early one of the days). The starts were staggered but the finishes overlapped a bit. The 29ers and the I420s were also on different races from each other on their course plus I had to remember to change the published columns to add or subtract crew before I posted. Next time I am splitting the files early and not looking back - as long as I don’t have to post all classes on one results sheet.



That is tough challenge but new functionality in the latest versions (v2.30.02+) of Sailwave might have helped you with the ILCA data entry. By initially choosing the race with the largest number of entries you could have selected only their starts in the race. Then gone back and selected a previous race for the remainder and selecting to only accept data for their start in the race, hence stopping the chance of overwriting data for the other classes/fleets. Easier to do if you have a paper printout of finish sheet so you check sail numbers off as you enter them.
From list of changes in Sailwave v2-30-02

Add selective starts to SailNo Wizard. For the larger events, the Sail Number wizard now has the ability to filter presented SailNo’s based on the starts that are selected. Using this feature makes it less likely to enter an incorrect sail number and will highlight any competitors in the wrong fleets. It also makes entry quicker as you don’t have to type so many characters to get a match and is especially useful when multiple countries are present with the same sail number


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I didn’t use starts but made sure to only choose one ILCA class at a time when scoring. I did print a hard copy of the results before entering so we could highlight and keep track of which boats we had scored.

Thanks for the tip as I am scoring Long Beach Race Week in June and I’ll definitely use selective starts in that.


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It looks like the RYA PYN that is populated when I add a new competitor to Sailwave are based on the 2023 values and not the current 2024 values. eg Merlin Rocket on Sailwave is 980 while the 2024 RYA PYN is 983.
Will the updated RYA PYN file be up loaded shortly or am I missing something.
Regards, John Adams

Hi John,
Welcome to the Sailwave User Group forum.

The 2024 version of the RYA ratings files have both been available for download since the end of February :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Thanks, found it.


John Adams